Do you ever, out of habit, use dog training techniques on a human?

POST often locate myself trying never to comfort our sister when she is crying considering, Oh, well dogs hardly understand the meaning in the word ease! They’ll consider your praising them!

But at times it computes for better.Like if she is crying and she is just trying to get her manner, I maintain my endurance and keep firm similar to I would which has a dog that was whining intended for attention.


Sometimes I undertake it on purpose! I don’t respond to behaviour/actions/tones MY SPOUSE AND I don’t like/want plus ‘reward’ the actual stuff MY PARTNER AND I do as with praise/doing since requested/compliments within people MY SPOUSE AND I find annoying.Can’t state I ‘train’ them nonetheless it does commonly teach these individuals how most effective to reassure me!

But seriously you will discover obvious variances between exactly how I address humans and dogs….

POST don’t encourage the canines with candy!:)

lol i make it happen at all times.i work with correction noses if dogs do things inappropriate and occasionally find my self ding the idea to ppl along with i contstantly believe y isn’t that kid over a leash.ive also found my self attempting to pet our bf any time he should something suitable (athiugh this individual never thoughts this:-) lol) post also use some of the ignoring procedures and exactly what not along with friends as well as reletives youngsters.i only wish i could put choke collars plus leashes at some ppl somedays cuase theres a decent amount that have to have a goodness adversive lo.

no nonetheless sometimes when i give our dog commands to the street, men and women will follow the command line…like only tell the girl to wait in the curb, an individual will stop and show at my home like exactly why am we telling them to put it off…and they’ll likely feel foolish that they followed your command for any dog…makes me smile…and it really is only adult males that undertake it:O)

Somewhat, POST guess.We have a tot daughter that was occupied running about and we had to get all set and keep.I referred to as out to her plus said “Come! Sit! ” LOL
It worked, at any rate! She emerged and lay in our lap.Afterward I told her “Mommy decided not to mean to treat you similar to your puppies! “

I appeared to be once place at the elevator with my department head, looking forward to a colleague to LAST BUT NOT LEAST join people.I ended up being calling the pup because many of us really were being waiting forever at this time.Our section head started laughing plus said that sounded while though I used to be calling any dog! *blush*

only once while over a date…..When she decided to see the movie I liked, I jokingly patted her to the head as well as said beneficial girl..

That’s when i learned she was some sort of black belt..I don’t make it happen any more

Positive reinforcement GENERALLY works.

Just encourage her.

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