Do I need to take my cat to the vet?

Hello, I have a male kitty, he will be around 2 yoa this returning summer, she has had his / her shots, plus he appeared to be recently neutered, but looked like it fine the afternoon or a couple of after her surgery.He is typically a good indoor kitty, but should go outside on occasion, there tend to be other cats which are also indoor/outdoor, even so the male cat who has the personal injury, was outside overnight, which in turn we usually never complete, but we must not get noticed this individual wasn’t indoors.The up coming day, your 18th, he / she was possessing his still left rear leg up, he will not set any pounds on it what hence ever.When this individual lays down a particular way, or even accidentally protrusions into some thing with which leg when walking, he growls in addition to hisses a tad.I tested his leg out earlier, and felt to find out if I could feel anything, but POST couldn’t feel anything, except which its swollen somewhat, and it does not hurt your ex boyfriend on his / her leg anywhere but his or her bend inside his leg, the bend that should go from his leg to help his ft ..He’s definitely not eating considerably, and offers used the cat litter box once because 18th, and the was right now.It’s the weekend plus the vet is only available for emergencies, and I am not also sure in the event it’s a crisis or not, so Thought about planned about taking him on the vet at Monday, irrespective of the price tag.I just have an opinion to guarantee I must take him to the vet previous to I visit and spend hundreds of dollars.

Thanks a lot!

take this paw in addition to search between the paws for thorns as well as prickers, if distinct take them in for ex-rays.

If they’ve not better by mon, then I think the vet’s would be the best idea.

Our nan pet cats leg swelled up, and she also ended eating because she’s already been bit by a snake, plus snakes can live absolutely anywhere.But she is fine because rain right now after being took towards the vet.

Hope your kittys acceptable:)

Call your vet.Cats will not fake or maybe exaggerate condition.If it can be acting such as something is actually wrong in that case definitely there’s something wrong.Whenever you call that vet, explain what that you’re seeing and find advice related to whether you can wait till Monday.

I will take your ex boyfriend ASAP.something is actually obviously bugging him and in some cases if it is small it should be cured.It is usually better to get safe compared to sorry.

take th kitten to that’s the correct thing to do

Sounds love to me, from private experience being employed by a vet, he could have either any 1) CAT BITE ABSCESS, that is certainly from that obvious, he had a fight as well as a cat tiny bit him, and considering that cats possess the dirtiest lips infection jumps up promptly or 2) YOUR broken leg coming from a fight, possibly attempting to escape, animals should tolerate a lot of pain considering that they clearly can’t talk with us, and we’ve seen wildlife walk with broken and fractured legs because they had to so that it isn’t not possible, hopefully whenever you can have him into a vet which for either in the two needs to be ASAP, the very first one is the only problem.

Its difficult to give a correct advise when devoid of seen your own cat.

Basically were as part of your situation I would call that ER Vet, explain what goes on, how he is acting, that you just were looking i

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