Convience parents for dog?

My organization is wanting a family dog.We accustomed to have A COUPLE OF, but now we have none.My organization is wanting your American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull)
The key reasons we would like help conviencing them are construct y dont would like a pet going bathroom everywhere throughout the house as well as dad provides allergies.Suggestions

Be considerate to the dad.She has an hypersensitivity towards pet dogs.The final thing any dog allergy sufferer will need is the dog of their house 24/7.

You ought to respect ones parents’ selection and be empathetic towards your father’s allergies.

They you should not want your dog.Wait right until you’re yourself and obtain whatever dog you choose.

you could possibly get a canine just cleanup behind him or her n hold him away from your dad if he has allergies
maintain him available side.

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