Chickens versus turkeys?

Which usually chicken does one like much better (not like having, although like the particular chook itself)

I’d match hen chickens reside might take their own ovum and when your sick and tired of them it is possible to destroy as well as have these folks.WHEN I wouldn’t match turkeys trigger WE observed some going after folks once.Crazy nevertheless holy bejesus I’d personally be scared.

I preserve free array chickens as well as turkeys here in Ireland.The tough to determine, turkeys are inquisitive and the guys test hence tough to incontestable the particular women through presenting with regard to time on ending women and men ladies commonly disappear completely unimpressed lol Poultry ova are generally delightful, MY PARTNER AND I merely eat the particular yolk of your egg cell and so a massive bulgaria egg is really a treat.My own womans lays April — September the egg cell a lot of days to weeks.

WE hatched YOUR FIVE turkey poults previous summer time plus they are hence lovable after they tend to be little.I might have to match turkeys.

I just like the chickens! A smaller amount aggressive and a lesser amount of troublesome.Yet another negative place in relation to Turkeys could they be became prone to blackhead illness.

Chickens…WHEN I accomplish farmhand improve someone exactly who makes turkeys, chickens, ducks and also geese.Most of free of charge variety, and the turkeys have got showed for being tyrants.One of many toms specially features fatally suffering a loss a couple of ducks we find out regarding.

Not simply could they be gooood…although many people CLUCK! YEAA MALE! (:

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