Can somebody tell me what type and race my dog is?? i got a picture!? please love it if more wanna learn haha

it seems like many people feel a beagle/terrier might get a maintain test from some puppy shops.or your vet could explain.btw the dog is pretty cute!

possibly element beagle–the go and deal with have upon shape in addition to expression this beagles have
Very cute.

I aren’t able to tell through the picture.It is terrible.My best guess can be Chihuahua Selection.But, the photograph is therefore bad I will hardly explain to.

Really hard to see with in which picture nonetheless I agree with the poster thus part Chihuahua.Dogs are listed in breed ot mis particular breed of dog, not race

That can be a horrible picture for many people to reckon from.As well, dogs do not own races.

It’s very hard to tell through the picture.How large will be the dog

My best guess can be a lab combine.

my guess can be lab/ beagle blend.And it is really breed, btw.Certainly not race.

ma bye a new Labrador terrier mix

Need a new non blurry photo.But seems like a chihuahua beagle mixture.

Looks kinda just like a Terrior Boundary Collie Hound mix

It’s kind of blurry but looks like a terrier hound mix

Beagle Chihuahua mix

cant view pic incredibly well

looks begal chi mix or it could be doxon…

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