Can shears made for people be used on dogs?

Question is pretty self instructive, LOL! Will your edges usually dull sooner because doggie hair is usually coarse

Yep scissors along with thinning shears made for humans must work.MY PARTNER AND I use people scissors from time to time, but my own thinning shears were created dogs.MY PARTNER AND I also employ human rotaries, to acquire the great shave from the muzzle in my bulldogs, understanding that works all right.Then all over again I don’t believe they create rotaries to get dogs.


The motors inside the human ones are not made to deal with the workload, especially for thick coated breeds.Some will never last thogrough a full groom.

I recommend the Andis seriously 2’s, as well as the 3 speed 1 they create.They are generally expensive, but for anyone who is doing mroe as compared with one dog can pay for once more with exactly what groomers charge for your shave decrease.

MODIFY:AHHH Ok! Yes my spouse and i use Traditions scissors, and Concerning their loss scissors too.I avoid using shears mainly because I you should not need these people that prolonged.They will be farily affordable 9as significantly as scissors go–like $50-$100) plus they keep an edge for me.i ahve these folks sharpened annually at identical dog demonstrate.

I are told this human hair is greater than most dog locks, so your gaps for you to cut the hair are usually to in close proximity together about human clippers and will pull alot on a dog.Still I bought a low priced set with human clippers make use of on this dog, it not seem that will bother doggy at all

it may might depend on the cover your working with
i’ve been recently using of which for my personal pekingese without having it dulling and before which my akita our moms chihuahua and also a corgi devoid of issue similar ones havent was mandated to buy almost any more

they dont cut along with dog clippers do
I belive they may go unexciting faster in addition.

yes they will work just fine

I’m certain shears will be fine to utilize.

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