Can i still Potty train my dog even though she is 1 year old?

My own dog ended up living with a friend in addition to she wasn’t potty skilled.
she’s 1 year or so old right now and came back to live with me

is it possible to still bathroom train her if you do how

Yes you are able to my doggy wasn’t bathroom trained once i got your girlfriend and your woman was 1year Six months time.Always hold her in a very crate when you cant keep a observation on the woman.Start using her out far more like each and every hour when she sh; ts/pisses preserve walking her don’t only bring her last because she will not wish to sh; t/piss since she’ll learn if while she is going she will need to go instruction online and and then your bound to a dog it doesn’t want to sh; t/pisses while you take your ex on her walks.often reward your ex when your woman does the woman’s business.When you feed her ensure she gets out 30 to SIXTY minutes right after.

yes, an alternative way to potty train her could be to buy pee patches and put them nearby the door and so she can certainly associate planning potty considering the door.prior to know this, she will probably be going on the door to attend the rest room and after some weeks in the event you remove the actual pee pads she must just wait so that you can let your ex go in the garden.

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