Are your dogs Ticklish?

Our Mutt can be quite Ticklish in his tail and hind legs and feet.He will become to chew himself whenever you tickle your ex.He will also wine and try and get at a distance.He doesn’t wine inside pain but like he really wants to get at a distance.
So when he does break free he comes back and wishes to play with you.

My Lab should be only ticklish in her hind feet but in only 1 place.It may also be very hard to find and your lady just licks a person.

So what does ones dogs do whenever you tick them

Lol interesting question.I get two labs and they are both ticklish actually some because one other one incorporates a problem having her leg in fact it i numb..any ways probably my canines is ticklish somewhere between her paw pads including a little inside her armpit…she is also somewhat ticklish WHEN I guess if you ever sneak ” up ” behind your girlfriend and litely touch her including run ones finger about her fur going the alternative way which her pelt goes the lady whips her head around and will begin to catch herself in addition to naw upon herself (although There’s no doubt that that is because flies sometimes land upon her along with she receives freaked out to ensure might become why the girl does that)

Hahah Our dog is actually ticklish below her ribs:) the lady gets genuinely silly easily I tickle her for just a while

Just became her 5 VARIOUS days before, so im definitely not sure.But I understand she is in love with belly rubs.:)

yes, easily touch the miscroscopic bit with fur somewhere between her paw pads she twitches…easily keep undergoing it she makes playful:O)

Their lower-leg moves

When I rub this dog together his rib crate his leg starts to be able to shake.That’s really the only tickle position I’ve found a long way, haha.

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