Are you a cat or a dog person?

i know own both equally 3 felines and ONE dog..we have a more detailed relationship using my cats but i enjoy my dog!
but it has the hard to speak about which one i love more…i prefer that cats arent hence needy..but i prefer that anytime i need to dog and perform with my own dog they are more in comparison with willing unlike my felines!

cats undoubtably – read exactly about it – an eternity of furballs and other good products…

Cat certainly.

Dogs stink and they are too sycophantic.

I once was a kitten person, nonetheless I Now i am a doggie person

I like cats although I’m sensitized to these folks so I would have to go together with dogs but only one Siberian Husky.

Both have a very purpose.I’ve the indoor pet since I reside in a apartment.

Cat particular person.I hate dogs.They are scary.

dog person living in a pet world..





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