All my dog does it pick?

all she will is lick or opt for her bum, as disgusting precisely as it sounds.Any idea on what i are capable of doing to prevent it given it kinda revolts my family.

No…All dogs undertake it, just yell all the time they undertake it.That’s what exactly i accomplish, they’ll obtain idea (:

It’s just how dogs wash themselves.
Make absolutely certain the canine is effectively wormed.

It could be the canine is bored to death.
Ensure that it provides enough exercise, and thought stimulation (play video games, teach obedience, teach tricks).

does your dog tell to stop moaning since it revolts your ex boyfriend..a dog can be a dog and a dog is going to do what some sort of dog need to do if he must lick their bum wedding ring he requirements too!

I could take her towards vet and make certain nothing is definitely wrong straight down there including worms or infection involving some form.but several is normal which is how they will clean independantly.

then teach her manners
she is living your girlfriend dog existence.

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