Zebra Danios in with Blue/Gold Gouramis?

We’ve 11 Zebra Danios that will range in dimensions from ONE inch for you to 2 in .and I am wondering whenever they’d possibly be okay to help transfer in to my 50 gallon tank with 5 Blue/Gold Gouramis who get along with each various other.There can also be 3 juvi YoYo Loaches inside the tank whenever that matters.

I’ve researched as well as some say your Danio’s pace might anxiety the gourami.But other sites notify me that will Danios have been great tankmates intended for gourami.

Any thoughts

If your gouramis usually are nice to your loaches, then there shouldn’t be a challenge.The beneficial part is usually you include 11 danios.his technique the danios can easily work like a group.

Shouldn’t be issues, I mean those will be all neighborhood tank variety fish.If it has the 50 gallon it ought to be fine.Just keep an eye on them the very first couple a long time.

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