Yet ANOTHER Oscar stocking question. Sorry!?

Well should you haven’t seen additional 99 articles from me personally about our 125 Gallon container, then lucky you! But WHEN I post a great number of, because I’m keen on doing a lot of research early in advance.So help is delightful!

I am make an effort to create any stocking scheme this is a little less aggressive.Therefore no greater aggressive Cichlids such as Jack Dempseys, Midas, Reddish Devils, Managuese, and also other comparable sized sea food.However, I am going to do Geophagus “surinamensis” (not genuine surinamensis, yet they receive about 12″).Small/medium cichlids are a possiblity.Such as Convicts, Firemouths, Severums, and the like about of which size.

Here’s what exactly I by now am going to set up the reservoir:
-1 Tiger Oscar
-1 Senegal Bichir
-1 Peacock Eel
-6 Silver Dollars

I know I really could fit several of the smaller cichlids within there, as well as maybe a single medium, and also the Geophagus.I have more than enough filtration, as well as the tank is incorporates a 6ftx18in footprint, to ensure the fish aren’t crowded.Let me personally kno what you imagine would match my installation! I imagine possibly A COUPLE OF Convicts as well as the geophagus

just concerning anything which will fit inside oscars oral cavity is track record.Yea I am aware you’re likely to buy your ex boyfriend small however if they have kept healthful he’ll double proportions every month or two.Anything aggressive enough never to be meal will beat him upwards.Your tank is going to be fine using the 4 sea food you stated until he / she gets major enough to help eat your eel.If the magic dollars stay prior to him proportions they’ll always be ok.The bichir may well not grow speedy enough.
A large sevrum could do ok women and men convicts tend to be eventually about to be treats.
For this reason you hardly ever see a good oscar reservoir with almost every other fish apart from a pleco or an enormous catfish.It’s just the thing happens sooner or later.

ITS AMAZING Can it be you want

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