Yellow Tang help please, all advice?

Just what exactly advice..ANY advice are you able to give about keeping the Yellow Tang Relating to had SOME now and they also all passed away.One managed ok although got stuck involving the sand plus a rock.One more one I simply bought, died within 2 a short time and appeared to fit appropriate in!!!! Then he was white wine one morning we heard they certainly that every time they sleep.Properly…he appeared to be yellow while i came house from operate but dead…

Yellow tangs aare pretty skitissh.They stress a piece of cake and yes of chemical substances that produce them moroe likely to get ich.With several tangs (yellow or not) employ sppecial meds that will help coat the perch.Having additional fish with them can frighten them by means of bullying all of them.Another matter is area.They want room for you to swim, to numerous rocks plus they will stroke and will bleed.If every one of those stuff are paid in advance then test nitrates, salinity, and ph.

is generally there a parasite as part of your tank an illness bullying will be the ammonias/nitrites/PH out of whack I would check all of that.

Ask Deuce Bigalow.

check a person’s water ph in addition to temperature.

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