Would Amoxicillin be prescribed for a dog that has worms?

I’d called the actual vet to see them my personal dog includes worms, knowning that my related would visit and receive the meds.They bought him amoxicillin to consider for 7 days.He features had worms before and also i never remember allowing him prescription drugs for 7 days.I’m thinking they need made a mistake, i can’t call till the morning after they open.Is this correct Thanks for virtually any help.

What makes you imagine the doggie has viruses Did the thing is worms

Amoxicillin would not treat almost any intestinal parasites which i know regarding.It’s normally used for bacterial infections.

Call your vet within the AM and clarify dui attorney las vegas have the particular Amoxi and what’s going on for the particular worms.

no the incorrect amoxicillin can be an anti biotic, not a de-wormer.call them in the am.

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