Would a Horse with a Stone Bruise Lift its Leg?

Two days back, my OTTB had been running surrounding the field so when he halted to eat, I observed he wasn’t putting every weight upon his suitable hind.He or she was raising his lower leg and having it to be able to his belly, making a new rotating activity.He’d after that put that down, attempt to put bodyweight on them, flinch, and pick it backup.I immediately loaded the pup up and also took him for the vet, as well as vet utilised hoof testers with him.The vet explained he thinks it’s just a stone bruise.

With him lifting their leg the best way he has been, I had been thinking it was before his contrain.The vet misdiagnosed my own instructor’s stifled mare several years ago, so I desired to understand, have just about any of a person ever found a moose lift his / her leg prefer that because of any stone bruise Thanks

My moose had the stone bruise within his hoof about last year and the lady did boost hermleg a few times.I believe they certainly this simply because they r getting the soreness.Maybe some people put force on his or her bad foot and forgot regarding it plus they lift that up indicating the agony.Obviously oughout know not to ever ride ones horse if they have any stone bruise as it hurts to place pressure with it but it surely shud go away completely in concerning two many days, cuz often be sooner or longer.Desire this assists!

It is pretty possible that this horse has a stone bruise – just in case a deer has small soles it may hurt enough for him to need to take your weight.

Is he qualified to walk while asked for you to Is they lame

Yup.My mares paddock lover got a rather bad stone bruise and was featuring similar symptoms to your OTTB.

Desire hes much better soon!

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