Will this work for these animals?

YOU panda produce Syrian hamster- TEN gallon zilla pet cage 20L a 12W x 12H
YOU black produce Syrian hamster- 15 gallon zilla critter cage 20L x 12W by 12H

COUPLE OF gerbils- TEN gallon zilla critter cage 20L a 12W a 12H

-and if they cannot live in this what exactly size aquarium do many people need-

To always be honest, hamsters accomplish best around wire cages.Tanks don’t allow suitable ventilation, which can cause ailments, and hamsters love to climb, which they can’t do within a tank.You must have a new 20 gallon per hamster.10 is really a little modest.

For your gerbils, I might also purchase a tank-topper.This would provide them using the tank section, for bedsheets and burrowing, plus the wire portion forever air flow.The guideline for gerbils is usually, minimum, TEN gallons a pair.


I are not aware of anything related to gerbils although those tend to be too small for your hamsters.This minimum crate size can be 360 rectangular inches.The bare minimum tank size is really a 20 gallon long (not wide).

big enough to live in.small ample to look after easily.Most of us keep our bait in 12 gallon tanks.

Gerbils became, very effective and irreverent animals.
I’d get them a larger enclosure; 2×1′ or perhaps larger absolutely.

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