Will these fish get along?

I have 2 dwarf gouramis, TWO african dwarf frogs, along with a snail inside my reservoir.I’m asking yourself if it becomes okay to add some lyretail mollys, guppys, albino cory catfish, and should it be okay to add a beta
without a doubt my gas tank is big enough, concerning a filtration and heat tank too.

Dwarf gouramis and also guppies do not usually be friends with bettas (and vice versa).Dwarf gouramis usually are too closely related to bettas and also guppies are generally too colourful to generate good betta fish tankmates.Nevertheless, if you are tank is massively huge, it may be done.In the event that it’s exclusively 20 gallons, don’t get it done.

Whether or even not it is possible to add a betta can be a matter of no matter whether your tank is usually big plenty of.All they value is having their particular space, and they may be with most other fish that wont feed on them.

Bettas as well as Guppies typically never get coupled.A Betta can error a Guppy pertaining to another Betta fish and assault.

no for the betta.As I believe you’ve heard they don’t usually be friends with other perch.

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