Will i have to re start my biological cycle in my tank?

Easily replace the many gravel with new rock I’ve large canal stones because my substrate within my 135 gallon.The rocks utilize the 1″-2″ an average of plus its about 3-4″ deep of good ole’.I noticed its harder to clean then regular tank pea gravel so I had been wondering only took all this out as well as just acquired regular fish tank gravel, would I have to remove the fish along with treat the item as a fresh tank

No.In a large tank like this, your existing river rock could be moved toward a back corner of your tank as well as stacked to create room inside front 1/2 and also 3/4 belonging to the tank for ones gravel.Wash this gravel properly before getting it inside your tank.Make sure the drinking water runs clear without any cloudiness (use a new clean A FEW gal suitable container it wash many times).Then slowly but surely add your gravel from the front in the tank.Have a minimum of 1 :1 1/2 long of little..

After all settles along, you can choose remove the actual river rock in case you wish, but really having rooms between the actual rocks will allow smaller fish an excellent hiding spot.I have got larger bolders stacked while I referred to, and have a very few fry coming from African oral cavity brooders live through and develop by hiding to all the crevices.

Should you had ample filtration cleanup over those people rocks, you mustn’t have species of fish crap piling way up caught with there.Relating to two significant filters about my 250 gal along with three upon my 150.I don’t see almost any accumulations

As long as you have outstanding filtering then almost all of the cycle is at there.That’s where all the water flow is, to ensure the bacteria gather there.Sure a few are on the gravel too, but not the majority.

Consider it that way.If this tank merely had a strong under-gravel filtration, then 95% will be on this gravel.If it’s actually a bare bottom part tank, then 95% is going to be in this filter.

So within a normal tank you may be some where in the centre, but if you don’t have a genuine under-gravel separate out installed, them the total amount will be into the filter program.

Changing this gravel will often have a small effect on the spiral, but because the bacteria might double around number in 24 hours if you find any cost-free ammonia in the water, any spike is going to be small and also the system will probably recover quickly.


Not for those who have filters.You can find an ammonia spike because doing so removes some of the biological filtration but it really will by no means be a complete cycle.

Not really, if you have a filter also , you dont transform any drinking water new microorganisms will settle in the new little.Good fortune!

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