Will i die if i eat my dogs fleas?

WE eat them am i going to die

No, nevertheless , you will likely get tapeworm.Longing for you .you dined on any fleas I might talk to a doctor.

If you want to eat ones dog’s fleas then get ready to have a belly rich in tapeworms.

Your dog shouldn’t include fleas in any case.Get canine on any monthly flea preventative and cleanup the environment and so the flea ova don’t retain hatching within the carpet and also furnishings.

You should go see your doctor about this kind of! I assume fleas may be unedible therefore you shouldnt take them ever previously, i’m not sure if you’ll die and also not but it’s actually a possibility thus go ask a health care provider and eradicate your dog’s fleas so that this doesnt happen again.I hope this assisted:)

No, it is just pretty nasty and they may take disease so you obtain a sickness and die months later but the act connected with eating any flea alone will never kill you

Why can you eat canine fleasHave people been paying way too many visits to the Monkey Cage on the zoo No you won’t die, however , you just could be scratching odd regions of your shape in open places!!!

Why ever want to
Im sure it would be more beneficial to frontline your current animal than to try and eat the tiny critters!! lol

no there isn’t any chance to help die by simply eating pet dogs fleas.

…the result of a paint chip feeding on contest.

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