Will female Platies protect their fry?

MY PARTNER AND I own a 20 gallon tank for your fish and the other day I went and bought 3 Platies plus 3 Zebra Danios.I added them property and about an hour or so later WHEN I looked the idea the container and observed fry! Slightly red 1 so lovable! Luckly I’d some propagation grass thus I put that with but WHEN I though ladies got swallowed! Before I traveled to bed MY PARTNER AND I looked in again along with saw the smallest little apple one floating around around.I progress up this day and seemed in and there seems to be the bit of orange one again having some atmosphere!! I has been really happy about this! About 30 minutes ago I saw an additional little lime one(I discovered them both while doing so thats how I recognize I get 2) many togeather 3 of what I realize of.
Oh I know I use a male Platy in addition to 2 womans Platies.
My lady that bought birth is simply staying toward the underside well not on a regular basis she goes and swim toward the superior but then extends back down.Jane is eating and seems healthy and you never understand!
Thanks with the help!

You very best bet is to buy any breeder package and suck the actual babies up having a turky baster plus put all of them in at this time there.or this fry will likely be eaten with the platies or maybe danios.you should put the mom in its to, it seems like she is likely to be having far more fry.Or she may be exhausted, so if you put her inside the box she can take without compatition.

Gary along with “me” gave the most effective answers.A breeder box may be a death treadmill used in the manner suggested.It is only regarding collecting your fry as they definitely are currently being born.They can’t be correctly fed inside the breeder trap mainly because it will block and turn out to be polluted.They need their unique grow available tank.Get a ten gallon container.

The Platys cannot protect fry coming from other species of fish.especially Zebra Danio, they could be slightly ambitious towards small fish when they are within a group.when i suggest get breeding turf or any floating breeders net sale.those child’s won’t final long out within the open.http://cherryvalleyaquatics.yolasite.com/

When I’d platies this female INGESTED the fry.Danios are quick
.When keeping guppies plus danios.I noticed which the danios could dart on lightning velocity to take guppy fry…and this was in a very 55 gallon reservoir.The inadequate little folks didn’t even understand what hit these people.I definitely move these.

Platies give no health care or protection thus to their fry in any respect.They generally eat these.
Zebras will likely eat platy fry.
If you would like raise your fry, you will need to separate them with the adult fish.

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