Why would a dog keep another dog from hurting me ?

I had been walking today this also boxer doggy that enjoys me considerably the boxer puppy guard my home from another
dog that needed to bite me nevertheless the boxer puppy got that dog which dog wouldn’t have an opportunity
to get me.

because your canine loves people and would like to protect make certain her protection doesnt go unmanageable though

If it’s a dog which hardly understands you or is merely an associate.The doggy probably was being territorial on the other doggie.If doggie you mentioned is normally in the area you mentioned & the opposite dog seriously isn’t, that is most probably what happened.

Guess he just considered you as part of his “animal family” as well as felt the decision to defend you….
That’s the nice reasons for animals, they do not over examine, they just go by their defensive instincts.You were someone some people cared with regards to…..

Your canine didn’t know the other dog and was protecting his territory.

Are an individual good/kind for this dog In the event yes, Then he is protecting you beyond loyalty.

He’s a great dog.They greatly that.They know when one thing is wrong and when raised right they’re going to help.

because your dog reads you being a good man or women, he is in love with you and desires to keep anyone safe..it truly is actually really sweet

The boxer appeared to be protecting an individual.

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