Why my cross breed CHOW/JAP SPITZ don’t want to eat puppy food, he just want to eat human foods! HELP!!?

He could be 2 months old…..i just now bought your ex boyfriend last thursday(4/1/2011)….and his stools is damp too! what must should do without talking to a veterinarian

Google NILIF teaching and Small Dog Syndrome to receive some necessary insight at handling the dog.In case you are having this problem with the 2 calendar month old puppy then that you’re in over bonce.Fix that will immediately.

Place puppy meals down.Don’t feed canine any various other food.He’ll learn to eat what exactly he’s given and that is that.

Put Actually, limepup’s resolution was spot on.I are not aware of why it is so horribly rated.Pepto is actually perfectly safe to supply a dog should you dose the idea properly, and putting the food down instead of feeding your dog anything different is how you fix your picky pet.The individuals down standing that respond to quite so say the least are f*cking absolutely clueless morons that have no internet business giving guidance.This is not a veterinary challenge.This can be a tough love issue for your puppy that incidentally also needs to be dewormed.You folks are unbelievable.

Going to a vet isn’t a poor idea nonetheless it isn’t specifically necessary sometimes.The Breeder or former owner must have supplied you with his documentation intended for shots and also general well being record out of his Vet.Your pet might be suffering from separation anxiety from it has the litter mates and Mom or that just would need to get use back and his or her new atmosphere.Check while using breeder within the dog’s chosen food selection, time it had been fed and also whether it was before entirely weaned.8 weeks using breeds could still will need a exploit supplement.Try powdered dairy mixed using the food and also slightly comfortable water.

If anyone check every one of these issues out and the dog nevertheless doesn’t cooperate after that the suggestion for leaving their energy out is actually fine but you could withdraw the food item if they doesn’t consume it immediately and provide it in the mail at the same time while steering clear of all other feeding.Dogs are generally foragers and also opportunistic feeders plus the pup can adapt quickly to the new fact if it really is hungry.

Don’t give food to him leftovers until he could be eating typically.

Well to start, any time frame you obtain a puppy you should take them to the vet to make sure the dog is certainly healthy.
Especially when addressing scummy BYBs including u managed, it’s always wise.

You must also be serving him what exactly the therefore called breeder ended up being feeding the pup.U did have the name from the food right
Then oughout do the particular switch to be able to what u prefer to feed.

But in case you dont wanna consult a vet like a brilliant and liable owner, have fun with your useless puppy:)

Since if is proudly owning a puppy a right instead of a freedom Because I am just pretty guaranteed nowhere in the constitution may it say there is a right to help own your dog when you cannot pay for adequate vet proper care.

It can be common sense to take a brand new puppy to some sort of vet.That would be to ensure well-being and health.This includes nothing to do with “running to the vet for every little thing” it is proper exercise.
Sorry for caring regarding the well being in the puppy.

Put 2:
Glance, I know you explained without talking to a vet.Women and men simple simple fact is, a doggy should move be checked out by your personal vet if you bring them home.
It could be nothing, or it may be parvo plus your pup could die within a couple of days.No one here is a vet, and a vet can tell you what’s happening.

Just wish puppy can be active doesn’t signify it will be healthy.

You might seem really uneducated and also i fear in your dog’s existence.You appear to not be an excellent owner ready.

I had an 6 week pitbull doggy who ended up being active yet she possessed giardia, a worm or somethin this caused her to have constant diarrhea.She could have died from that if WHEN I didn’t receive her into the vet.

And I got her from the BYB.

Try MEMORIZED FOOD! Canned doggy food is wonderful for puppies so it is much better in quality! Use memorized for for quite a while & gradually mix the actual dry pet food while using canned food to receive your pup employed to it & preserve PLENTY of Fresh water nearby for your pup that will drink.Bear in mind DOGS GET TASTEBUDS! That they like elements that quality good! And so canned meals, organic doggy food that seems as if a gigantic salami log.Things that way.Go to your local puppy store & find some circumstances to feed your current pup! THey will have free examples.:)

Congrats on the new doggy!!! Put doggie food affordable for your pet and depart it at this time there until he / she eats.Your dog wont go without food to dying, trust myself.If you desire, you could add a little bit broth, cooked rice, or perhaps yogurt to be able to his foods.When you become a brand new puppy, it may receive a little moment for him for getting use for you to his brand new place.Plus the transition to your new home could cause loose bar stool, give him one or two licks regarding pepto, as well as a slice connected with bread.People is usually really nasty on below, so do not let this bother a person.Times are generally hard and i am aware if a person cant set you back the vet for every little thing.Try this specific and keep track of him, whenever he becomes bad, subsequently see any vet.

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