Why is my Pit Bull Shedding so Much?

We have noticed lately she’s been shedding alot and like a Pitbull post wouldn’t amount that your lady would, shed so much.i could make a sweater from it from the many hair she’s lost.I attended Petco they will said she may very well be allergic to help her meals.I good her Beniful and they also said some dogs usually are allergic to wheat.But we have had your girlfriend on this food for a long period she can be 2 yoa.So post switched thier food to an all natural Wheat Totally free and carbohydrates free.POST wonder in the event stress also makes any dog reduce.Because we reside in an aparment in addition to she’s any pitbull.I will often have her within her cage.I consider her out and go around her now i’m wondering if it could be that as well.Any advice

Your dog may very well be stressed from with regards to a cage so much.Personal i usually do not cage my own dogs cause it does cause stress, and think about how you’ll feel sitting in the cage.I am not passing judgment or maybe anything only giving my own two pennies about cages.She could also have any thyroid dilemma, you should take her towards vet to check out.

It could also be that changing in the seasons.Several dogs, even short-haired dogs will reduce excessively with Spring general health are naturally losing their “Winter” cover.The best way to know undoubtably…see your own vet!! All the best and happy vacuuming!

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