Why is my horses belly so round?!?

12 y/o TB mare.
She’s not pregnant, had this vet end up 2 or 3 weeks ago to evaluate.
Your lover was wormed in February.
And she don’t gets hay (so not only a hay abdomen.), she merely free grazes upon grass non-stop.

What other suggestions could induce her belly to be so round Can i worm once again (even although vets says every The regular few months.) Can having consumed sand some while feeding on grass or even dropped feed off the ground cause it to be round

I concur w/ all these answers, maybe the lady just has a barrel ab.My deer has you, and My business is slowly working it away from her, that, if you retain riding the woman (or trotting or whatever) it must be something altogether different if it’s not slimming lower…

Did people ride the woman all cold months
If an individual didn’t vehicle her many winter along with she was eating hay then maybe it’s winter fat, I vehicle my farm pets all winter season, but some people still have an amount of a hay abdomen from winter because of the fact that MY SPOUSE AND I didn’t cruise them daily cause it had been so frosty.They are usually on Pasture too now.

As well I earthworms my farm pets before it freezes plus after that thaws out there, so each fall and spring, plus they are just fine with it.

Lets hope this served!

If the particular vet features checked the woman’s and she has been wormed, then in all likelihood she’s over weight.Is the lady being ridden regularly Or else, then free grazing non-stop and very little concentrated work out, will create a chunky belly.Just since she’s definitely not getting hay, that will not mean your woman won’t own what looks becoming a hay abdominal.Horses are just as us, whenever they are eating all day and not being exercised, they are going to get fat.

Odds about that although she has a massive belly that she’s no muscle tissue or excess weight along the woman top collection (neck plus back) the reason being she is usually misaligned but not using himself correctly.

Could that be bloat

i have no idea of.

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