Why is my bette staying on the floor of his bowl?

my personal betta features gotten termin rot so we’ve been the treatment of him by using multi remedy which aids white position, velvet desease plus fungal desease his water temperatures is 82 amounts.he stays at the end of the actual bowl and only happens for air

I agree with Nex.Fin rot will likely be caused by way of poor h2o quality.Additionally, medication for one thing usually works superior to those which can be “cure-alls”.I pick up gentian violet is usually useful in cases like this.

Well i do believe you should never worry will be he eating i think he can be a bit yuck at this moment i recamend certainly not worrying for you to much he will just end up being getting around his b rot beware of any various other tank mates how bigs your tank Anymore help inquire me

Because bowls may not be suitable to get fish.Bettas require at least a FIVE gallon aquarium which includes a heater plus a filter.Hope that aids.

Possibly because it is passing away, bettas will not belong inside bowls.

needed filtration to help process their own toxic squander like every other fish.(Look ” up ” aquarium nitrogen cycle)

Is that possible they’ve been overmedicated or higher medicine as compared to directed.

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