Why has my recently rehomed female greyhound (4yrs old) suddenly started to wee in the house and on her bed?

she’s regular takes and diet regime is natural.not left alone plus has large garden to try and do her business in.learn how to stop your ex making mess in the house and on her cargo area…HELLLLLP you should.

Well, you point out that she’s been rehomed therefore it’s probably a case associated with anxiety given the fresh situation.Once your lover settles straight down and gets familiar with the natural environment again the problem should quickly improve.I’m not sure on this duration from the problem so far but I might reccommend presenting it at least a 7 days or so on the problem to be effective itself out since you keep up the strolling and call time also it really ought to solve alone.In the meantime acting calmly instead of punishing her with the mess will help her for you to also relax slightly, she’s in all probability very tense today and revealing to off will probably just disappointed her extra.Also touring the vet to be sure there will be no fundamental health concerns which have been causing this particular uncontrolled behaviour gives you piece associated with mind far too.

Her habits is sometimes physiological or emotional.

To start, you requires your vet check her available just to be assured it’s definitely not health-related.

Subsequently things get more difficult.
Peeing inside is Anxiety.
Understanding what’s creating her to become so nervous is challenging – hard bet is to start by ruling things out.
Such as:
— she’s not lonely
— she is getting a lot of walks
— she’s on the stable diet
— she is old enough to get properly housetrained
…all these areas seems to be fine, right

Now evaluate what’s occurring with the HUMANS inside your home.Anything stress filled Angry shouting Loud industrial noise Irregular timetable (walks & meal at different times every day can become pretty unsettling for a dog)
Are ALL family members well acquainted with her
Is it feasible she isn’t going to know who’s responsible (this is a big just one…lack with leadership & structure often creates anxiety)

Greyhounds are generally sensitive — they purchase loads of emotional signals from their human family.
Try considering anything on the planet around her put on be being employed her up.

Don’t yell if she creates a mess…she’s in all probability scared adequate.

Sorry in advance as I am aware this will certainly sound terrible or might cause upset, but instant messaging only seeking to offer advice according to what ive been through:)

The boxer doggie, Jess stored weeing all around you uncontrollably plus she’d always get up in your wet, soggy mattress because she would wet herself inside night, and at first we notion she was being a little naughty consequently we kept declaring that off, but it really got more painful so we took her to the vets at any rate and we were told the lady had kidney failing which recommended she couldnt control her bladder along with sadly about a 1yr immediately after diagnosis she died:'( therefore it’s certainly worth likely to the vets about becaue it would even always be nothing:)

Greyhounds became clean canines, so I think this dog’s dilemma is actual.She wants the vet to get checked for infection and also possibly spay incontinence, but that tends to happen extra with girls spayed extremely young.

If this can be a new conduct, she should see a new vet.
Possible UTI and also spay incontinence.


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