Why does my dog barks a lot when we do something! PLEASE HELP!?

Well, today i merely came back again from my buddies house from yesterday.My nephew bought some cool toy ball but it sings so when you applied the ground it dances ridiculous.but what exactly i dont including about my dog is you give it to be able to someone or even something he or she starts to bark.along with he episodes.PLEASE AN INDIVIDUAL HELP ME ON THIS TROUBLE!!! however we make clear to be quiet your dog starts for you to growl during you.

Don’t play when using the ball round the dog.That clearly upsets him.Put on your own in his / her place.His job is always to protect you guys and you also bring this particular crazy deafening thing in the home and your dog probably can feel threatened simply by it.He feels like he does his career by barking and growling.

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