Why does My Dog act like a Cat and How do I play with Her?

OK this is the 1st small Dog We’ve had therefore maybe it is normal She has a Maltipoo.Shes consequently sweet But licks the woman paws to decontaminate Her face, sits’ on the arms belonging to the couch or the rear of it lots of cat shopping stuff.IDK Our last COUPLE OF dogs in a very 15 calendar year time were being Males the Chocolate science lab, and the Chow Terrier Mixture.and confused how that can be played with The girl, She doesn’t including the ball I bought Her, While she wakes ” up ” She flows around in addition to I rub her abdominal and the girl hits The Had along with Her paws, Usually her playing She’s such the Sweetie therefore cute, the lady sleeps with Me.I really luv The woman just and so diff.than My personal other Pets so any Advice is helpful:)) Thanks

it looks like there are a loving and playful dog.you have to do new methods with the girl and keep looking to play along with her each day.

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