Why does my angelfish float at the top of the tank?

Concerning a 46 gallon tank for your fish with ONLY TWO angelfish.I received up this evening since POST couldn’t slumber and WE saw one of them just tilted and floating all over, the some other was for the filter just floating presently there.I aroused the mild and feasted them food and so they didn’t switch toward the food item.My other fish had been also flying.I checked out my ammonia in addition to my PH and in addition they were regular.I also have my tank for your fish for about annually now.Remember to help, MY PARTNER AND I don’t would like them to die.

Did you’ve got the mild on Or maybe did you change it on As it was night time, I’ll presume the light source was away from – in which case you saw ‘comatose’ seafood.Fish will not ‘sleep’ like mammals – hd have eyelids! along with don’t seriously sleep :just ‘zone out’ any time it’s dim.Of course they won’t eat although ‘zoned out’.

If you have had your catch a year or so, go to bed and no problem about these individuals.The bass are very good.

how many fish have in that will 46 gallon By using 2 angelfish, they are required at minimum 36 gallons all to on their own..sounds like you could have overcrowding

There sleeping.Shhhh.

Maybe this temp should be to high or or low.

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