Why does moya eat nickels and quarters?

The reason why does moya have anything your lover finds for the floor, when its possibly not food

May end up being banking the idea saving up for a box connected with biscuits.

Are a person serious Nickels along with quarters These are toxic.They do not pass or break down in the stomach.Your dog needs to have an ex-ray TODAY.I was dead severe.

Doggy eats everything on the floor as it is THERE.Keep crap there are various floor.

She’s curious/hyperactive…dogs usually are just silly this way.
But nickels along with quarters sound serious, you should visit the vet and make sure they tend to be passing if not they she could possibly die.
Please maintain floor sparkling of anything that can harm your pet dog,

Moya’s operator isn’t cautious, and must be watching her more properly – or maybe crating Moya.
Understand that coins can certainly poison the girl – if you’re more dedicated she provides eaten just about any, get her into the vet NOW.

Dogs are generally stupid, they have anything although they should never.

You need to stop your canine doing which.

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