Why do my fish keep dying off!?!?

Concerning a EIGHT gallon gas tank.(i have NEVER had concern before.)
It has sand, your 2 survive plants, quite a few fake crops, a furnishings, a sift and heaters.
Brand new:I allow it to needlessly run for the day with some conditioner, and in the morning i bought fish.This issue, i was stupid and for whatever reason i got fish.
Concerning another gas tank so when i let the actual fish hang around as one protected other 1 settled having my snails.
They most of died in the morning.Everything.
I went on 50% with the water away, cleaned virtually everything, along with put the idea back together with some tank salt.I allow it to needlessly run for 3 days, (pluss the actual week previous to that)
I went on a sample as a result of my petstore, and in addition they said the particular ammonia was form of high.So managed to get a tester and also 2 are living plants that will “eat” the actual ammonia.
I squeeze tester in for about a while and checked out it all over again, it stated “SAFE”
not green in any respect.safe.
Thus, i placed my seafood in with the top fish tank.
Now One passed on.
concerning the fine sand that doesnt possess any of their bad stuff in buying it to hurt the seafood.So i do not think thats the matter.
I’m unsure if i should step my fish to the top fish tank or certainly not.
Oh- as well as fish are guppies.And aparently the store includes had some difficulties with their guppies.
whats wrong

Wait A FEW weeks for that tank that will cycle and also leave the particular fish inside the bag for a while then serve water from your tank into your bag keep it similar to this for 15-20 a matter of minutes then fit fish throughout….use aqua safe for ones aquarium!!!!

I did the same thing but i became just not necessarily thinking…i went along to the petstore acquired….4 guppies along with 2 ghosting shrimp…I didnt put any conditioner in i merely let the lake run considering the filter for 2 hours next i put my species of fish in…that time 2 died after which you can i went back and contributed 2 a lot more,…..and after that one died:( soi waited 1 week and returned to your store and found out that one of several guppies while in the store had babies and the store keeper offered them to my advice for free!!!! There ended up being 8 throughout there and also and TWO died..though the rest lived..a partners months later they became………….beautiful..one ended up being a light blue a different was just about all yellow by using black dots as well as rest was silver plus black…

Dont fret things work out!!!!
Desire this assisted:o)

you really need to let the tank cycle befor contributing fish :

if you need to speed upward the bicycling process, you possibly can take some decorations as well as gravel out of your other fish tank and decide to put them from the new one for your couple many days.as for aquarium salt you don’t have need to provide any in your tank.

Maybe…..you shouuld halt adding tank salt towards your tank

i think it is best to skip your aquarium sodium.

because some people saw the ugly face

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