Why do my fish always stay in one spot?

relating to a 55gallon gas tank and all my fish just live in the proper top corner at all times.i have got 4balloon mollies as well as 3white skirt tetras plus thats all they certainly.why will be thatis it because the filter on the other hand is far more high powered versus the other one

hi, i am not a expert, but i understand that ALMOST ALL tetras will be schooling sea food, so i would get THREE OR MORE more light skirt tetras(did people mean ebony skirt tetras, incidentally.).in the western world then not constantly, they may be stressed away, most likely while using tetras not finding yourself in a group of at smallest six.

probably because of the filter, try tuning the idea down, incorporating decorations, and put tall plants while watching filter out put area

because species of fish have small brains

it could possibly be dead…..

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