Why do intact males clack their teeth and drool?

i jsut acquired a EIGHTEEN month good old male lab, and he can either aroma something and also be down the middle of playing which includes a toy as well as with my other laboratory and when called he’ll stop and appear up, plus it looks like they are chewing plus his teeth almost clack.there is possibly drool that arrives while he or she does this.why does he accomplish this

My pet does them too, particularly when smelling the scent of another puppy.Nothing to be concerned related to either, i’m not necessarily 100% associated with why they greatly it, the smell must have the same kind of effect as if we smell a thing vinegary, them makes the mouths h2o.
I don’t believe it is anything certain to in season females, my doggie did that after sniffing each of our other intact guy dogs butt when you had him or her…

hehehe..gonna take a wild guess there is a girl doggie somewhere near by.Males do this when in the vicinity of a female thats in season.He must have caught the wiff about the wind

He’s just lifting on your scent – I’m sure exactly what you’re preaching about, I are able to see it now.

That is just not normal! We would go to your vet; dogs shouldn’t do this when their healthy.

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