Why do i have high ammonia levels in my saltwater tank?

hence i setup my different 29 gallon ocean tank about 15 days ago, and we have 2 filters and also a protien skimmer managing on it.I applied 25 pounds live good ole’ and are living sand coming from a friends tank that is previously established for concerning 2 many years.
my levels tend to be as follows
salinity:ONE PARTICULAR.025

why would certainly it possibly be so high and they are there things which i could do to lessen it ive already been applying ammolock, or is niagra just section of the Cycle

You are still bicycling.Ive used prodibio throughout my tanks, and still have added sea food and corals, just nights after establishing.It’s in relation to as close to an immediate cycle as possible get.It really is expensive, nonetheless it works.Normally, keep up in your water alterations.Use ro/di normal water, not harness water.I do at the least 10-15 percentage, weekly around mine determined by how several days it is been seeing that my very last.Sounds like you’ll want to do 10-15% every other day, until eventually the amonia occurs down, especially if theres anything residing in it.I wouldnt worry about just this amonia often, 40 about nitrates is excessively high.We have 0’s over the board, and I would freak out and about at anything at all higher, especially in my reefs.We have 3 tanks, one particular FOWLR, in addition to two complete blown reefs, totalling 260 gallons.

Your tank is still cycling.It includes only been up and running for 15 days…it takes brand-new to fully cycle a new tank.

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