Why do dog’s back legs move when you rub their belly?

Perform they actually as it when one does this

When many people present its soft underside this is a sign connected with submission.If they just don’t like when there is they often quickly flip over.Exactly like humans some places are usually tisklish and can cause involintary routines.If that you’re gentle they are going to turn to expose where they want to gain you to rub.

Because the idea feels consequently damn excellent.Whenever you have an itchy spot and you scratch this it thinks amazing correct well they can’t verbally tell you how they feel therefore that’s their technique of telling anyone “Thanks regarding itching that”

I think they greatly like it because in the event you stop some people start pestering you to get more! I imagine moving the legs is actually involuntary and they think they may be responsible to the pleasant feeling.

Because a person hit their own scratch switch.I think they imagine it’s these folks scratching his or her belly.

if these people didn’t they might just way up n move like they are doing with almost all things

coz it tickles them i suppose, and many people think they really are scratching by themselves!

if they certainly that next it means they like it

oohh really! that’s where they itch and also scratch.Excellent job!

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