Why did my three African Dwarf Frogs die?

Container Set Up

Measurement:Three Gallons
Heat tank Set from 78 diplomas C
25% 7days Water Adjustments (water ready and conditioned) – I accomplish complete water changes for the fourth week
Many plants, stones, and disappearing places
While in full mineral water change, I always add a pinch of Aquarium tank Salt
Not any lighting

Yesterday WE purchased several ADF to be tank friends with my male betta (I heard we were holding very suitable, and my betta isn’t going to have a good aggressive temperment).I bought three simply because I researched that one could put one for each gallon you might have.When I bought them many people had very clear eyes, simple skin, and were being obviously concealing and refusing to have caught.

I placed the frogs in a very small jar and fed it tadpole/frog pellets plus frozen continue worms due to the fact I idea it greatest to feed them just before putting them while in the large gas tank.They gobbled them up properly.However, before POST placed them while in the tank, ?t had been time for just a full normal water change.Water was already prepared so I tossed the particular old mineral water out, cleaned it with trouble, then put the new drinking water in.

As POST always do to prevent shock, I placed my bettas along with the ADF in separate storage containers and let them relax there in the tank intended for about an hour so the fact that temperature inside the container is like the gas tank.Then I gradually added your tank water in to the small contain to ensure they’ll get used to the brand-new water disorders (I make it happen twice and also let these folks sit inside for 25 minutes).Next I finally release these people in

Our betta appeared to be confused, but would not harass this frogs.The frogs placed swimming towards the bottom and returning to the top rated very rapidly, which MY PARTNER AND I found unusual because when i saw them at the petstore they would only take action from time to time.But these were constantly planning to the surface then swimming back along every 5 seconds.It appeared to be as should they were seeking to jump out from the container.I acquired a sport bike helmet on the item and one too nearly escaped (Clever very little thing hopped on top of the heat tank and tried using crawling out).I saw them for a short time, making convinced the betta would not hurt these people, but these were still going like nuts.

I thought these were just nervous about his or her new home after which it went in order to sleep.After i woke up your next morning to go check with them…these were on a similar spot I had last found them overnight.My fish was the pool happily, begging for meals…but our three ADF had been motionless.I researched make don’t transfer and simply sleep at some time, but after i gently poked these, they were being frozen stiff.

I need ideas of what acquired caused just about all THREE of which to perish, leaving solely my betta fish to pull through…and Now i’m leaning to your Aquarium Salt Thought about added in the full water change.We’ve had the betta with regard to almost 11 weeks, eating frozen/freezed dried up bloodworms, Hikary Fish pellets, freezedried daphnia plus mysis.

I might like to do another drinking water change, maybe aim to lower the actual salt content to ensure it will be safer pertaining to future frogs Let me buy…but I’m probably not sure what I did wrong.Any suggestions Could it be the Tank Salt Exactly what caused the frogs to die<b

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