Why did my dads chow chow roll in a dead bird?

i traveled to the seashore today with my dad and their chow chow saw a dead seagull and rolled in it…

I think it is because whatever aromas good towards dog, it will roll throughout regardless.

In the particular wild, wolves and various wild pets roll throughout strong smelling foul things to cover up their very own scent to being able to be more tactical and also less detectable while hunting.If the pray only smells dead animal or even urine or even poop then they do not know that they are being sought after.All though fluffy or maybe fido may possibly seen definately not a rough outdoors dog, these are still related and they also do still behave from a similar way.Domesticated dogs do maintain most of the natural survival instincts in their ancestors which just is actually one ones.

Another reason dogs retract in things happens because they smell bad…nicely to these people anyway.Anytime people bathe the dog or apply something about them, they will often smell great to you but the dog has another idea connected with what scents good.A lot of dog shampoos and also products comprise dyes plus perfumes in addition to all while they fragrance good in order to us, they can aggravate a new dog’s vulnerable sense involving smell.Dogs tend to roll in grass and other things to try and neutralize your smells.They think they smelling such as dirt is more preferable then smelling sweet.

Hence, if your dad’s chow decided not to just obtain bath or even get sprayed with a little something, he was just getting back in tune with his wild side!

its a remaining hunting reaction.A doggy that has the scent of a puppy catches almost nothing.every minor small animal that smells it approaching hides.A doggy that has the scent of a deceased bird, can be a dead hen to whatever that odors it.And it is not a new threat, therefore the dog could sneak more detailed before them attacks.

in terms of why your dad will roll in the dead parrot I dont find out.( sorry I couldnt support it )

They consider it odors good.Typical.They want to cover up their aroma.

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