Why are people so ignerant when it comes to pitbulls?

I just now took this pit bull Romper for your walk.While i passed you with a huge dog he or she started tighten the lead.My dog is very sweet as well as well educated.He visited say hi and the man started off to move his dog in the street, WE said within passing hes the puppy and has merely been fixed, the male just stated fixed not necessarily DEAD.I likewise have a 4lbs morkie that is more intense then this pit bull.Its thus sad they’re the merely dogs anyone hear in relation to!!!!

well it is because of what you hear in the news and online and most of that rubbish.If they said that to me I think I would have claimed curse word of mouth and named him something not so pleasant.If your current nice if you ask me I’m nice for you and if you are going in the form of jack ss to me well back at people.

Cherry- it’s nothing to do with that most she has been doing will be passing simply by what do you need her to accomplish walk across the street whenever she is definitely passing by someone it’s actually not like your woman stopped as well as tried to possess a conversation considering the man many she explained was hello there and took her means.She only happened to note he ended up being tighing his or her leash.What your man mentioned was pretty rude that you do not say that about someones dogs EVER

Your question seems to be more from feeling disrespected a lot more than trying to understand why others tend not to see your pet dog in the same manor because you do.It’s all right to vent but the approach is known for a big affect the grade of answer it’ll give you.

I’ve a Hole, 5 several weeks old, and he could be the like of gaming.I will feel insulted also in similar situation but just as another individual posted during this thread it is not right for you to let your puppy approach the random dog you meet for the street.To get some form of acceptance in that , area of your respective dogs societal interaction, probably try any dog store I require mine plus he can well.All things considered pits would be the most misunderstood breeds around.

The even bigger problem is if the Pit Bull user is ignorant with a common trait in the breed.

“Because almost all APBTs display some a better standard of dog hostility and owing to its potent physique, the APBT necessitates an owner who’ll carefully play games and behavior train doggy.”



Towards an unidentified dog/owner with any problem, with any dog/breed can be viewed as rude as well as potentially harmful.

Aaron…canine park + Hole Bull = unpleasant idea!



1 – You do not have a “Morkie”.
2 – It’s extremely rude to allow a puppy of just about any breed that will approach a dog on a leash.Especially when you can see that the owner doesn’t want one to.How have you any idea that HIS OR HER dog is not really dog-aggressive.

I’ve no problem whatsoever with APBTs, but I think you ended up very rude to let your puppy to technique another that way.

It’s unfortunate they get a negative rap as a result of bad owners.Your happy, where MY PARTNER AND I live they have banned them i think is wrong.Every time we have a breed that gets a negative rap as a result of bad owners they want to ban thes

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