Why are my aquarium plants getting black rotting marks on them?

Ive experienced them for approximately 4-5 months now.They been doing good for some time, but now without knowing why , some in the plants are generally rotting at a distance.Going from healthy efficient leaves for you to black dirt and scattering.The retains dont even turn orange, they choose from green to those black marks.I get them in the 20 gallon aquarium with a variety of assorted little fish and maintain your tank lights on to get more than EIGHT hours.They are in regular gravel, almost nothing special.POST do 30-40% mineral water changes every 11-13 a short time.The dark-colored marks going on this java ferns and now my alternative plant is getting it.I use only a bio wheel to be a filter.No atmosphere pumps or everthing else.Anyone know whats wrong

Well there can be many methods why they are dieing…..

ONE PARTICULAR.) You’ll want to feed them any nutrient every single month( fertilizer, meals tabs, for example )
A COUPLE OF.) You should give plants at the least 12 hrs of easy per day
SEVERAL.) That fish you might have may possibly be nibbling from them causeing these people to die
4.) That plant will do better in stone dust, or several substrate by using nutrients
5.) Dont complete 30% to 40% mineral water changes this often probably that every couple months
6TH.) They will probably need to be clipped

POST suggest acquiring new facilities ( Diverse Kind )

Expect this made it simpler for!!!

Did you bury that java fern Coffee beans fern in addition to anubias factories can’t get their rhizome hidden or they will rot.In the event you tie them into a rock or piece of driftwood they actually much much better.Also, the lighting is probably not strong plenty of.You’ll need at the least 20 watt fluorescent which has a color technical staffing , between 5000k in addition to 7500k.

I get 2 elements for my plants:

Speciel grime under my gravel, for plenty of nutrients
facilities food, fresh for yur facilities.

I gifted my plants doing this and this plants look good and wholesome, try it for yur facilities!!

They is probably not recieving plenty of nutrients, in addition to subsequently tend to be dieing.Almost all plants want a substrate fertiliser, except coming from a few robust ones for example Java Fern, Anubias, Elodea, Efficient Cabomba for example.

it may well be getting eaten because of the other seafood.

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