Who thinks they have the best aquarium? (10 points winner)?

place a photo or a new desciption of the tank below and let me pick the most effective as the most beneficial answer!

Oh, I favor I cardiovascular system Beets! Really cool looking tank!

I’ll place on my seahorse TWENTY NINE gallon nano because it is what We’ve pictures of with you (I have more than a dozen tanks):



Many are my Reidi farm pets, Willy along with Nilly.

well i recognize i do not own the greatest tank in the world but we have a tank that appearance pretty nice

My initial tank is usually an household tropical 310 gallon freshwater pond, using a white fine sand bottom, large crud dotting the underside, and a few small sticks about the bottom, also around the right side belonging to the tank i have a waterfall, and floating around the surface could be to perma float long which i tided together, in this pond there exists a 12 inch goldfish ( initially a feeder although now nothing at all messes along with him) a new female SOME inch coated turtle, your male 16 inch reddish colored eared slider, TWO 7 ” red bellied pacu, JUST ONE 14 ” pleco, and one 3 ” red tailed shark

This second gas tank was any 250 gallon offshore salt h2o gallon gas tank, but our roommate droped into the idea, so MY SPOUSE AND I moved all my fish/ dwell stock i haven’t sold suitable 75 gallon tank that has a 400 gallon separate out.So inside the 75 (i is not going to sell anything else) i have 3 chromis damsels, a mated set of two O clowns, just one regular a single black, one environment friendly spot puffer ( saltwater safe) the mated set of two false moorish idols, your yellow tang, a zebra lion species of fish ( baby) any 12 inch long brown lightly banned bed sheets shark ( i aquired it being a adult with 10 inches) additionally 3 shrimp ( 1 scarlet skunk, 2 cherry) 3 OR MORE turbo snails ( soon to acquire 4 more) EIGHT hermit crabs, your blue legend, a he face bunny fish, along with a zebra urchin, along with various investment horn and mushroom corals, along with a blue mind color, with any rocky outcrop in the middle and slating into the right area, and a great open crushed stone bed intended for my shark, i have a horse shoe crab

it’s not the top but i’m keen it.


i dont have best gas tank haha but its good


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