Who else thinks horses are cute and cuddly?

That else seems horses tend to be cute as well as cuddly

awww there’s no doubt that horses are usually cute along with cuddly:) i like them <3

Horses are usually dangerous from both finishes and uncomfortable in the middle!

They may be potentially dangerous and should not be thought of as cute along with cuddly – I’ve been about them regarding nearly 60mph years and know that even your quietest of horses can certainly unintentionally hurt a human.If it’s intentional next hello towards the ER.

I guess this will depend…are we preaching about minis or maybe little ponies Sure once they are most fuzzed up they’re just pretty lovable.
Normal sized horse No.Majestic, incredibly, noble…certain.Cute probably not and cuddly should not be prompted.That’s an accident waiting in order to happen.

No.They may not be like the pet bunny or pet and if you do not want in order to encourage ones horse to possess serious respect issues then I suggest for you to treat it fairly, however like the animal.

Whilst I like to hug my horse – they definitely cant be referred to as “cute and cuddly” because really – they may be strong along with unpredictable and also dangerous!!


I’ve continually thought that your well selectively bred horse was the most amazing animal in the world.

Robust, majestic plus powerful.Not really cute as well as cuddly.

Horses will not be cute as well as cuddly.Horses will not be furry being a rabbit or maybe a sugarglider.

They will be cute
But We’ve yet to uncover a cuddly one

Not truly, I believe ponies are usually…But horses tend to be beautiful as compared with cute.

I’d need to disagree! I locate them unpredictable and as a consequence slightly alarming!

horses WILL BE cute the cuddley gently giants:) i like them way too bits:D xxxx.

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