Who are these two dogs? what breed can they be?

Let us play:
two puppies meet as well as the male is
so masculine protected female is actually so female.
Can you imagine which breed is a male along with
which breed is the female
For example, a Yorkshire terrier might be a male
(I employ a Yorkie and a mongrel from a shelter, btw)
this also breed is definitely feminine, prolonged bluish fur….walking
elegantly, etc.
So what breed can they be, two dogs one masculine
your decide one feminine
thank you.

Masculine:Hole Bull



Masculine :rottweiler

Feminine – whippet

Fox terrier:masculine

Not so serious King Charles Spaniel:feminine

what, is niagra a special riddle question or do you legitimately certainly not know the breed In that case a snapshot would assists lots.

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