Which way do the half chaps go?

Hello, so Personally i think like a total noob wondering this, however here will go.
I got a new pair associated with leather fifty percent chaps, and Now i’m confused about which means they go on.My old ones had zippers about the sides, then it was easy to see, but these zip up the bed.Is this high section of the chap supposed to go on the within or without using my legs

The higher section of the chap must be on the outside.

http://www.grangesaddlery.ie/wp-content/uploads/wpsc/product_images/9622_-_Gaiters.JPG a preview.

I believe the larger part should go on the inside of your knee, but MY SPOUSE AND I suppose it may depend for the brand as well as style.

**Edit** Nicely I supposed I was wrong, then again a dressage rider at my personal barn has on hers upright side interior.Is your lady wearing these wrong as well as are hers another type of style

The huge part will be the “Spanish Top” like fancy dress costumes boots, and visits the outside.It should really make a person’s lower calf look for a longer time, like the particular Spanish Using School.

The largest bit goes on the outside:D x

The bigger part goes on the outside.

Higher part on the outside.

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