Which Hamster Should I Get!?

Ok, so I’m preparing to getting a new hamster while in the next few days or consequently and I do not know if POST should obtain Winter White hamster as well as a Robo dwarf hamster.They together have their advantages and disadvantages so WE thought I had get experiences from other people.Thanks before hand.=)

Winter Bright.

I would go for the winter season white.Concerning had both and also the dwarf hamster is usually fast in addition to hyper.He would be free from his cage each day literally.However it depends about the level associated with care u want to give.They usually are both lovable and help make great pets

if you begin getting more than one get your robo.in order one that is certainly fluffy in addition to playful receive the winter white.robo’s for instance their locomotive’s wheels.

Panda Hamster

the green one

My hamster passed away today.

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