Which aquarium plants would do well in my freshwater tank?

Relating to a A COUPLE OF or 3-gallon fresh water tank with a few platys along with a small shrimp.Currently I have a 25-watt incandescent light bulb (but will proceed to a compact fluorescent ASAP) along with a very great substrate (particles less than 1 mm).I know that this is actually hardly suitable but I sooo want to put a number of different plants in the aquarium.Which plants may take this environment

None aside from fake kinds.Your tank is really too small compliment plants, let alone fish.Platies call for tanks 15g as well as larger for your group with about 4.They never do effectively when saved alone or maybe in frames, since they’re very social fish.Shrimp likewise don’t do very well on their, but regretfully, your fish tank isn’t huge enough for even shrimp.

If you need platies as well as shrimp, improve your reservoir.I’d recommend you chuck it away, because it is really too small to keep anything.

What is sold as bamboo bedding and sheets in puppy shops can do very well in reduced light ailments.
Very slow rising, doesn’t have to have any exceptional care, could float as well as be planned and planted in tiny rocks.

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