Where can you get cheap hamster cages?

I wish to know where you can get cheap hamster cages, because i discovered you could get a new hamster ring for SOMETHING LIKE 20 dollars using a drop give food to drink bottle and everything else you need! Where i live, i simply have 2 family dog stores.Bob’s Dogs and cats and Fish and relating to Furneys! Furneys will be good, yet expensive! My father and mother wont i want to get one particular online even though:) Getting older need to be too huge, a small an example may be completely good.Please assistance me! In addition, my budget is around 40-50 us dollars and from bobs animals and fish, they have hamsters regarding about TWELVE dollars:)

Looks at craigslist for a used hamster parrot cage or form a bin ring.Bin cages are really great for hamsters simply because are cheap and offer additional space with regard to hamsters.The far more space your hamster offers the more unlikely they can absolutely be aggressive or maybe bite.Should you be not getting a dwarf hamster you need a big cage along with a bin ring is endorsed as the majority of store bough or even starter cages with regard to hamsters are usually too smaller for low dwarf hamsters (such because teddy produce hamsters).

Used to do a rapid google find bin cages along with found this the right way to:


Look on Amazon or even Craigslist, or visit your community PetSmart.(Though those range related to 20-30 us dollars.)

All the best .:3

u may look at ebay, cl or amazon.my favorite is amazon though cuz they have got a HUGE number of cages this r quite cheap.

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