Where can you find a inexpensive fish tank?

I will be looking to purchase a 50-60 gallon tank for your fish.But i have searched all over the place and there very costly does everyone know finding one for a reasonable price

You may check craigslist but again you may not know the client and what you might be getting.I’ve found a tank for your fish a 55 gallon at a yard selling for $40.00 with everything in it no stay though however still a fantastic deal.It sported everything everyone needed plus sometimes Goodwill has stuff of that ranking.Wal-mart provides fish tanks also but may not be of the greatest quality as well as PetSmart can be realitivily inexpensive at the same time.

You could try verifying Craigslist.com if you can not mind buying a used tank for your fish.Sometimes they could be a very little pricey, but it can be usually a whole lot cheaper compared to buying it brand new.

Their are numerous great opportunities on craigslist if you are patiant.I have seen opportunities at petsmart, they got a SIXTY gallon by using wood mean $160

Yes individuals size tanks will probably be expensive…perhaps electronic bay can be some a lttle bit cheaper.

normally area pet suppliers have sales on there fish tanks, like Jacks Aquarium

Fish keeping can be an expensive pastime, Have an individual tried seeking online or second hand Good luck.

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