Whenever i touch my dogs ear, its starts twitching madly and its all red? Whats the deal?

so concerning a AGE 14 month aged, West Highland Whitened Terrier plus well not too long ago his ears gotten just about all red with this report and every time i contact it even on the outside of and not even hard, its starts twitching after which you can he growls on me plus starts striving 2 itch/lick that.Even as soon as he’s dropping asleep and also his head rests on the floor, he or she jumps way up and starts rubbing them against his or her shoulder along with whining.
Should anyone realize whats incorrect with your ex cos it has the getting really bad, and after this its started on the other ear too!!:’/

He needs to go to the vet tonight or tomorrow – he’s a harmful ear infection that you should treated.
Meanwhile, don’t touching it — he might bite you but it hurts him if you do.

He would have ear mites or contamination or fleas…id require him for the vet d get a great antibiotic or somethinngggg weak baby:( best of luck to your ex n u:(

Sounds for a yeast an infection possibly caused by ear mmites.sounds like your pet needs a new trip towards vet to be positive.


His ears are usually full associated with ear mites, get him for the vet before he is going deaf.

its obviously irritating your pet – it is best to take him to your vets no one can probably let you know whats incorrect and good him a number of ear drops

it could possibly be ear mites you must take him towards the vet shortly.

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