When will I be ready to start taking care of discus fish?

My father used to have an aquarium a very long time ago, but purchased it for whatever reason.Now I need to start with my unique aquarium, and I really like discus species of fish, so when will i be prepared to care for discus fish I’d like to see to begin with several easy bass to maintain, but I’m confused what the size and style of the actual aquarium should be.My goal could be to have all-around 6-8 discus whenever I’m successful.

Precisely what size need to the fish tank be
When will i be wanting to care for discus
Are now there also discus which have been easier to care for than alternative discus

Thanks a ton for your time.

only way you’re ready is when you had them for decades and even you then wont often be ready when you get difrent difficulty with fish and i could be here all day explaining it to your account but that bets way would be to get all of them and learn for yourself id say start with say two buy a medium tank allow it to sadly settle for just a week as well as two then buy two fish and also start because of this.

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