When can I take my guppy fry out of my breeding net?

I have guppy fry about three weeks aged.I whant that can put two with my fry in my town tank plus give others in the industry to my own local bass store.When should i put my own two fry throughout my container And how old complete fry should be if you whant to supply them to your fish store

Depends on the fish are usually in the local community tank spend money on whether the particular fry will definitely seen as food or even not.

I’ll inform you what occured in this case and you also can judge what direction to go from generally there.
I have a community tank with both male/female guppies plus 2 women bettas.
I had 2 orphan guppy fry plus at 25 days old WHEN I put them in the main tank.Everything looked fine with the day.The subsequent morning a single was dead, it’s tail have been chewed way up.So many people harassed the idea to loss of life.
I pulled the opposite fry out and about and anxiously waited about another 10 a short time, then place her instruction online main container and all is fine.
Hence, at 25 days try the item, but look at and discover.You ought to wait a further week or even so.

On this fish store you will ask them.I’ve viewed stores take fry, but every single store has unique store insurance plan.

i would likely only get it done when these people cant integrate the huge guppies lips oh and good for you i get 2 few days old fry now but his or her not increasing that fast

Wait intill they may be too big that they are eaten simply by other fish you have to be patient!!!!

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